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Our products pair perfectly with food.  Not only do they help you digest your meals - but Apple Cider Vinegar offers so many more amazing gut health benefits! 

Have shot or add a little Beverage Concentrate to some sparkling or non sparkling water and enjoy alongside your favorite dishes! 
Blend up a mocktail if your feeling really fancy :)

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

We love everything about this recipe.  So nutritious and warming.  Simple to make.  We make a little extra and freeze in ice cube trays and then pop the frozen cubes into Zip Lock Bags.  When we are craving a little soup - pop the cube into a microwave friendly cup or bowl and give it a zap!  

Pairs perfectly with a little sparkling water topped off with our Turmeric Ginger Peach Beverage Concentrate.  

Check out the recipe HERE

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