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About Us

"We created ACVeveryday as a fun, delicious & healthy way to get some apple cider vinegar into your life!"

Our Story

Lula Natural Foods started with a couple of friends chatting about health and wellness over coffee. April had observed the impact food had on her son Noah's behavior.  Noah lives with autism. April began to dig deep into holistic nutrition. She began applying her newfound knowledge to her everyday life and was so inspired by the amazing results she began to share this (with incredible enthusiasm) info with her long time friend Rhoda.


The two began to explore simple and natural health remedies. Unpasteurized apple cider vinegar became one of their daily regimen. A regime that they did NOT look forward to due to the unpleasant flavour. They absolutely loved the benefits...but disliked the flavour. At that point, it became an obsession to find a way to make Apple Cider Vinegar more palatable.


As they pieced together the first steps towards of improving their own personal overall health it became very clear that Gut health was SO important.  


"We also discovered that every small meaningful, mindful change we made towards improving our health became exciting and fun!  Health just suddenly became so obtainable and this became our daily focus - and we felt compelled to spread this message. "  


"We created ACVeveryday as a fun, delicious and healthy way to get some Apple Cider Vinegar into your life!  Our hope is that our products not only improve your gut health - our wish is that our products will inspire and excite you to make more meaningful and healthy choices everyday!"

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Meet The Team

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